What is the Rollerhoc Philosophy?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Over 10 years ago the indoor TrySkating group looked for an activity that relieved the boredom of just skating endlessly around the hall. It pales after a while and becomes monotonous unless you’re continually learning something new. To fill this gap we considered games, starting with football, basket ball, dodge ball. None of these proved popular so we considered hockey. The established game of Roller Hockey was far too ambitious for the group’s level of skills, so we had to invent our own version of the game. These were the important considerations.

SAFETY to avoid injury and costly protection

INCLUSIVE no skater who wants to play is excluded

LESSONS for skaters unable to stop confidently

It took over a year from inception until the first games were actually played. Endless discussions took place about every aspect of the game, rules and equipment. The result of which is the game we play today.

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