Stick Thrashing

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Is a definite NO in Rollerhoc. Other hockey games do it, in fact seem to enjoy it, maybe even encourage it, but definitely not in Rollerhoc. To not do it, is really a mindset. Once we accept this restriction the temptation goes. It becomes a part of the character of the game. In the heat of the moment there seems to be nothing more natural than clashing sticks to obtain ownership of the ball/puck. It brings strength into the equation at the expense of skill. Rollerhoc is a competitive game, your target is to help your team win as best you can but you must understand there are limits. You are permitted to challenge, to initially engage with your opponent's stick. If unsuccessful you must withdraw until another opportunity presents itself. You may cover, shadow, stalk, monitor, follow, your opponent but you must not continually clash sticks, that is classed as thrashing which is not allowed in Rollerhoc. Rule 3L.

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