Short Sticks

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Who would ever have thought hockey sticks could be so contentious? Pick any stick length and it seems there will be a raft of skaters telling you the length is all wrong. This is perplexing, because it is unlikely other sports have their components questioned by participants. Is the rugby ball the wrong shape? Are football goal posts too wide? Is the basketball net too high? Should the tennis racket be smaller? No, it doesn’t really happen, so why is Rollerhoc so blighted? The bulk of criticism comes from two sources, roller & ice hockey players and players over 6’ tall. If we take the latter first, it is perfectly understandable that tall players feel the effect of short sticks more. Therefore, it is up to each individual to decide whether Rollerhoc is suitable to play. Roller & Ice hockey players, who try Rollerhoc, find the small stick and the rules frustrating and restrictive because they have not been used to these constraints previously in their own game. Again, this means they too have to decide whether Rollerhoc is a game to which they can adapt. It was never anticipated that Rollerhoc would appeal to everyone, that’s absurd. The stick length (125cms) is an intrinsic part of the game. Along with robust rules, give Rollerhoc its own defined character, the emphasis always being very much on safety. This approach to hockey on wheels allows skaters of variable ability to play together in mixed teams. Rollerhoc is an inclusive game that welcomes skaters who would like to play it.

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