Rollerhoc Match - Wed 19th Feb 2020

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

The final score 7-8, in favour of the Blacks tells you how well-balanced the two sides were. However, the Blacks didn’t have it all their own way with a mid-game fade. Blues shooting accuracy wasn’t quite up to their normal high standard and paid the price. The fast pace led to body checking, with one knock down evident. This is not allowed in Rollerhoc. On a sad note we say cheerio, never goodbye, to Cal. He’s going down-under, we wish him and Janet all the very best.

Fouls: All we can say this week is, there were more 'carried fouls' than would fit on a camel's back. It will catch up with you eventually!

Played at: The Craigholme Sports Complex, 97 Haggs Road, Glasgow, G41 4RD

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