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Who can play rollerhoc?

  • Any adult (16+) skater that is capable of stopping on skates, but we are flexible.

Can I get lessons if I need to improve my stopping?

  • Yes, lessons can be arranged

Do men & women of mixed ability play in the same team ?

  • Yes, they do.

Should I have played hockey before?

  • Previous hockey experience is not at all necessary.

Is there a lot of bumping & barging?

  • Definitely not in Rollerhoc.

Is hockey equipment supplied?

  • Yes, or you can bring your own stick as long as it complies with the rules.            (See the About page for details)

What should I bring?

  • Safety Pads - Knee, Elbow & Wrist, plus a helmet. A cycle helmet is fine.

Can I hire skates & pads?

  • Yes you can, but must book in advance. Email or text 07733 276 902.

Which skates should I use?

  • Inlines, Quads or Hockey skates but not aggressive skates to avoid damage         to the floor.

Will I get help the first time I come?

  • Yes, and the first-time will be FREE.

Can I drop-in without prior notice?

  • Yes you can, but remember if you need to hire we have to know in advance.

Where do you play?

  • We play at the Craigholme Sports Complex on Wednesday evenings. Play starts at 9pm therefore you must arrive no later than 8.45pm to give yourself time to get changed.

What is the address of the Craigholme sports complex?

  • 97 Haggs Road, Glasgow, G41 4RD. The complex has ample parking space.

How can I find out you're definitely playing before I travel?

  • Check the EVENTS page on the TrySkating website in case of cancellations.