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Rollerhoc is different. It fills the gap between skaters looking for a recreational and fitness activity on wheels without having to reach the heights and performance of roller hockey, and it's not costly to set up. Understand Rollerhoc is for everyone that can skate a bit and stop a bit. By no means do you have to be an advanced skater. It is the variation of age and skating ability of the players within a mixed team that makes the game unique. Players should embrace the variation of individual skills, this game is about having fun, first and foremost. Note, a goal scored in a Beginner-Rollerhoc game only counts if all the team have played the puck beforehand, this ensures new skaters are not excluded from play.

This is the official puck for Rollerhoc

However, we do not recommend that adults and children play in the same team or game. Children should have their own junior version of Rollerhoc with shorter plastic sticks and a lightweight plastic puck similar to the type used in Eurohoc. 


It is most important from the start that the concept of 'non-contact' embraces the game and the spirit of the game. Those that find this unacceptable have the choice of playing roller hockey with some other organisation.

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Pop-Up  Goals

The equipment used sets the type of play that is acceptable. The adult hockey stick is limited in length to 125cms from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle. Suitable junior ice hockey sticks normally fit this restriction. If you are unable to procure a short enough stick you will require to shorten the handle by cutting it down to size. Under no circumstances is a longer stick permitted, not even for the tallest player. The puck is the medium weight plastic type used in street hockey. Again no other puck is acceptable. 

As in all team games safety is of paramount importance. Initially players may not see the need to use hockey protection but as time goes on and skills improve the game starts to be played at a faster pace. It is highly recommended that hockey pads, gloves and helmet with face guard (optional) are worn throughout the game. 

It is hoped that in the future individual Rollerhoc groups will emerge and encourage skating on wheels in general.


Inline, quad and hockey skates are acceptable, and may play in the same game if players so wish. 

Safety Gear Make Sense

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Rollerhoc Stick - Max length 125cms

Should you be in interested in starting a group and need help or advice Don Morton is happy to assist. If you live in the Scottish central belt Don can arrange to bring equipment for a trial game. Use the contact box to get in touch.